Monday, July 25, 2011


Dear all,

First of all, I would like to thank the following individuals for hurting their brains to help come up with the following Band Name + TV Show Name = Magic names:
Joachim Kearns
Robin Hendrickson
Jason Frederick
Saul Nachshen
Mike O'Shea
Jason Kleinman

Please send additions moving forward via this site. All inspired artwork is highly encouraged!

Without further ado, I give you the current master list!

Weird Alf drawing by Jason Frederick, script by M. Hambouz

2 and a Half Men at Work
25 ta Life Goes On
30 Rockwell
A Current Affair Supply
Agnostic Frontline
Aimee Mann vs Food
Air Wolfmother
Al Green Acres
Amy Winehouse M.D.
Andrew WKRP in Cincinatti
Aretha Franklin Living Color
Atlantic Stargate
Bad 4 Goodtimes
Boston Public Image Limited
Boy George Lopez
Brian McKnight Court
Brian McKnight Rider
Bushwick Bill Nye the Science Guy
C.S.I. Miami Sound Machine
Charlie Rose Tattoo
China Beach Boys
Christopher Crossing Jordan
Corey Hart to Heart
Crosby, Stills, and Nash Bridges
Daft Punky Brewster
Days of the New Adventures of Old Christine
Dear Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Dharma and Gregory Abbott
Doctor Whodini
Dr. Phil Collins
Dragonball ZZ Top
Drew Carrie Underwood
Dropkick Murphy Brown
Eastbound and Down by Law
Eight is Enuff Z'nuff
Electric Company Flow
Everybody Hates Chris Kristopherson
Fat Albert Hammond Jr.
Fleetwood MacGuyver
Fresh Prince of Bel Aerosmith
Fresh Prince of Bel Air Supply
Grace Under fIREHOSE
Gunsmokey Robinson
Happy Days of the New
Herman's Head Automatica
Hill Street Blues Traveler
How I met Your Mother Love Bone
Ice T J Hooker
I'll Fly Awaylon Jennings
In the Heat of the Night Ranger
Inside Outer Limits
Ja Rules of Engagement
Jessica Simpsons
Jim Carroll Burnett Show
Judge Judy Collins
Kids in the Hall & Oates
Kings X Files
Kung Fugees
Lancelot Linkin Park
Late Night with Conan O'Brien Setzer Orchestra
Led Zepplinside the Actor's Studio
Lee Scratch Perry Mason
Less than Jake and the Fatman
Life Goes Ani Difranco
Life on Mars Volta
Lil' Mama's Family
Linkin Parkers
Linkin Parks and Recreation
Little House on the PrairiE-Z E
Lost in Spaceman Three
Lou Reeding Rainbow
Macey Gray's Anatomy
Mad About UB40
Major Daddy Yankee
Marianne Faithfull House
Married with Children of Bodom
Mazzy Star Trek
Me First and the Gimme Gimme a Break
Monie Love American Style
Mork & Mindee-Lite
Mother Love Bonanza
Motorhead of the Class
Mr. Belvederehoof
Mr. Eddie Money
Mr. Mister Belvedere
Mr. Mister Ed
Murder She Wrotis Redding
Murphy's Law & Order
My Name is Early Man
N.W.A. Team
Neil Young and the Restless
Nickleback Kotter
Pensacola Wings of Goldfrapp
Project Runaways
Radio Birdmanimal
Ray Charles in Charge
Ray Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Reading Rainbow Diddley
Real Sex Pistols
Reno 911 King Down
Robert Fripp Tide
Run DMC.S.I.
Saved by the Bel Biv Devoe
Scarecrow and Mrs. King Diamond
Scoobie Doobie Doobie Brothers
Screamin Jay Hawkwind
Sesame Streets
Simon and Simon and Garfunkel
Six Feet Underdog
Soilent Green Acres
T-Bone Walker Texas Ranger
That's so Raveonettes
The Birthday Party of Five
The Guess Who's Line is it Anyway
The O.C. and C Music Factory
The O.C. Lo Green
The The Shield
This American Life of Agony
This Old House of Pain
Tony! Toni! Tone Danza Show
Touched by an Angel Witch
Weird Alf
Who's the Boss Hog
Will and Grace Jones
Witchfinder General Hospital
WKRP in Cincinatteen Idols
World Party Down
Youth of Today's Special


  1. Monty Python's Flying Circus Lupus
    Trapper John M.D.MX
    Just the Ten of US3

  2. Kanye West Wing
    Glenn FreyDay Night Lights

  3. Boy Meets World Inferno Friendship Society
    Group Home Improvement

  4. E.R.E.M
    Supermarket Sweep the Leg Johnny
    According to Jim Croce

  5. Pete and Pete Seeger
    Posion the Welcome Back Kotter
    Three Dog Night Court
    Babes in Toyland of the Lost

  6. kings of leonflux
    macy Grey's anatomy

  7. Leave it to Beatles (Bieber?)
    Deadwooden Shjips
    Hill Street Blues Clues
    Head of the Clash
    Johnny Cash Cab
    Mission of Burma:Impossible
    Thunderbirdsongs of the Mesozoic

  8. Walking Dead Meadow
    Jorge Benson

  9. Mr. Mister Rogers Neighborhood
    Twisted Sister Wives
    Magic Doors
    Captain BeefHart to Hart
    Miami Vice Lords

  10. Sanford and Sun Ra Arkestra
    Steely Dan of Green Gables

  11. Columboys2Men
    The West Wings
    Soft Boys Will Be Boys
    Talking Heads or Tails

  12. Growing Pains of Being Pure at Heart
    The Big Bang Theory of Deadman

  13. Bored to Death From Above 1979
    Buffalo Tom & Jerry
    Peter, Paul, and Married with Children
    Eminempty Nest
    Golden Girlschool
    Highway to Heaven and Hell

  14. Pawn Star Trek
    It's Always Sunny in Phil Collins
    The Courtship of Eddie Money

  15. Steely Danger Island
    Hot C.H.I.P.S.
    BJ and the Barenaked Ladies

  16. Stealers Wheel of Fortune
    Let's Make a Deals Gone Bad
    Handsome Family Feud
    Match Game Theory

  17. Elliot Smythbusters
    Repo Man..Or Astroman
    Mr Show-nen Knife

  18. Fawlty Tower of Power
    Home Im-Pavement
    Chico and the Man Man

  19. Remington Steel Pulse
    Huey Lewis and the News Radio

  20. The Electric Wizard Company
    New Model Army Wives
    Buffy the Vampyros Lesbos

  21. Vanilla Ice Road Truckers
    Absolutely Fabulous Thunderbirds
    Bosom Buddy Guy
    Lonesome Doveman
    Shipmates of State
    Fraggle Roky Erickson
    Third Rock from the Sun Volt
    ZZ Top Chef
    Beverly Hills 90210tis Redding
    Into Another World
    Icebunrie Mack
    Barry White Shadow
    Madball in the Family
    Fugazi and Harriet

  22. 1000 Ways to Dire Straits
    Average Joe Cocker

  23. Steve Vai Love Lucy
    Ugly Betty Wright
    The Future Perfect Strangers
    True Bloodlet
    Planet Earth Crisis
    Peter Tosh.0